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Why You'll Like Us

Because we don't believe in building technology just because we can. We created our services/solutions because we honestly believe that using them will help you improve how you do business—and will help you achieve real, tangible results. Another reason we think you’ll like us? Because we treat our customer relationships like partnerships. And they are, essentially. We want you to be successful—and when you are, we’re fully confident that our success will follow. We also think you’ll like us because we build software that’s fun, easy to use, and packed with features that you’ll find useful. But just in case you need a few more reasons:

Because we help you build a technology platform for the future

We help you to build a platform leveraging the current assets & drive to the future. Our solutions architecture design based on virtualization / cloud computing (private/public) has helped global organizations experience significant benefits across their solution roll-out strategies. This directly enables you to bring in significant business value, enhance ROI, reduce TCO. 01

Because our premise-based SaaS hosting model is scalable, secure, and reliable—and it saves you money

Our Software-as-a-Service delivery model saves you time and money by eliminating the need for infrastructure, reducing your time spent managing technology, and ensuring easy upgrades. You get guaranteed system performance and virtually limitless activity...along with the peace of mind from knowing that your site will be readily available at all times. 02

Because we’ll get you up and running fast—so you can begin recognizing value even faster

We designed UNFYD®SaaS - Hosted Services so it’s easy to brand, configure, and deploy. And when you add in our years of experience and our best practice implementation process, you can rest assured that that your operations will be up and running fast...so you can begin using it to solve your business needs as quickly as possible. 03

Because with our Insight & Analytics, you get valuable insight into your community’s behavior

Our offering includes Intelligence & Analytics reports and dashboards that let you gain real-time insight into the social activities, interactions, trends, and topic discussions taking place within your operations—allowing you to gauge the relevance and value of those interactions against your business goals. So you can get a better understanding of your viral marketing reach, influence, and brand exposure, better manage your brand reputation trends and risks, and more easily identify the strategies and activities that deliver the highest ROI. That’s not valuable...it’s invaluable. 04

Because we’ve done this before. A lot

Whether you’re a startup or a large enterprise, exploring to take advantage of technology innovations & leapfrog your operations, we’ve always been there for you. Many of the biggest brands in business in the recent past has relied on our team, including companies such as (client list URL) Reliance Jio, TVS, TCS, TATA Sky, TATA-AIG, Teleperformance, Concentrix, Srilankan Airlines, BRAC Bank & host of other enterprise digital transformation engagements. Our proven success and credibility in the marketplace are testaments to our partnership approach to every customer relationship—and our long-tenured client base further validates that we not only deliver on our customer commitments, but that our solutions work. 05

Because when you need assistance, we’ve got the expertise to help

No matter where you are in your solution lifecycle, we offer a host of services that you can leverage if you need to: we can help you develop a social strategy, revitalize an existing community, optimize your solution, or develop custom training for your team. 06